What is FavorX

FavorX is an underlying layer for decentralized storage and content distraction used by the application - FavorTube, which is also an application module on the FavorX protocol stack.

FavorX implements a complete protocol stack of different functional modules from the base blockchain to the applications, as well as the complete decentralization for file storage, content distribution, data retrieval and purchase transactions.

As the first decentralized application of FavorX, FavorTube is directly connected to the blockchain on mobile terminal via P2P networks, and is the first fully decentralized application project that supports the implementation of mobile terminal. FavorTube implements the first decentralized streaming media content creation platform with commercial capabilities through the multi-layer decentralized protocol stack FavorX, and FavorX provides decentralized storage and content distribution for FavorTube. FavorTube adds the dedicated protocols and smart contracts required by itself to the FavorX protocol stack, implementing a completely decentralized content creation platform. Since FavorTube is based on the basic protocol stack of FavorX, file transfers are carried out through FavorX, and the files may be transferred in segments.

In FavorX, the TPS of storage matching and content distribution subchain is 1000 with 16 shards, while the TPS of the decentralized database is 2000 with only one shard. The FavorTube protocol layer contains the protocol interface between the FavorTube applications and the FavorX base chains and subchains. Since FavorX is a decentralized system, FavorTube does not have ownership of the data, which belongs to the creators on FavorTube, while any application can use the FavorTube protocol to access the data on FavorX, thereby completing its own FavorTube implementation.