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Unified Hybrid Data Transfer Protocol for Web3

Accelerating file reading

Ant Colony Optimization enables users to stream and view high-definition videos in real-time with decentralization.

Accelerating live streaming

Real-time streaming relay nodes can be automatically scaled to meet the playback experience of high concurrent users.

WebService Over P2P

Proxying Web Services on aP2P network enables clients to access the services using light nodes, providing decentralized access to the Web Services

Benefits for Web3 Apps

100% censorship free

Play HD video in real-time

Interactive web3 services decentralized

Capture and incentivize essential activities

Benefits for Developers
Reduced difficulty and workload by up to 90% for Web3 developers.

All-in-One Protocol

Cover file transfer, live streaming and web3 services in a single protocol

Utilize multiple infras

Easy to integrate different web3 infrastructures

Business model innovation

Roll out new business models quickly

Compatible with Web 2 and 3

Easy-to-implement procedure to scale web2 andweb3 services

Benefits for Infras

Provide data availability for all blockchains
Different blockchains can provide service interfaces to the outside through the FavorX protocol, or use interfaces provided by other blockchains, to achieve interoperability between blockchains.
Interoperability among different types of Infrastructures
Different types of projects, such as blockchain and storage systems, can be interoperable using FavorX or provide services for Web3 applications simultaneously

Benefits for Miners

Miners get various rewards for serving different applications with different resources provided.

Incentives for providing servers, storage, and bandwidth

FavorX network requires different resources, such as server computing, storage, or bandwidth, and miners are rewarded for providing these resources.

Multiple rewards from different apps

Different apps on FavorX require different resources, e.g. video streaming needs storage and bandwidth, while live streaming requires more bandwidth. Miners providing these resources will get extra rewards from the apps.

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